KSM series is a portable energy storage power based on lithium iron phosphate battery, which can store 500Wh energy at one time.  It integrates multiple power ports, including four USB outputs, one DC12V output, two AC outputs, and one car start output.  

It is suitable for the operation of lighting, small household appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, on-board electrical appliances, car emergency start-up, medical emergency equipment and other products under off-grid or power failure scenarios such as indoor power supply, outdoor activities, auto self-drive tour, emergency rescue, etc.  

Product characteristics

PRODUCT FEATUREWith standard charging adapter, the charging time is 9 hours;  
Optional fast charging appliance, 2 hours charge more than 70%;   
Various charging methods, support photovoltaic panels, 110V or 220V AC adapters  
12V DC charger (suitable for car cigarette lighter) for charging;  
Multiple output power ports: 4 USB output ports, each with maximum output current 2A  
1 DC12V output port, maximum output current 10A  
2 AC output ports, can achieve a maximum load of 200W 
Road 1 auto start output port, used for emergency start of vehicles with displacement below 3.5L;  
The use of lithium iron phosphate battery, higher safety, longer cycle life;  
Pure sinusoidal AC output;  
Multiple battery monitoring and protection, to achieve over charge, over discharge, over current protection functions; 
LCD displays power supply status in real time  

Energy Storage System